Soul Group Interviews

This page contains links to audio of radio interviews with soul groups done on my radio show ("Sitting on the Park" -- see the main page for more details). You are free to copy or distribute these interviews as long as they remain unedited and you are not profiting from them. It is important to get the stories of these groups out, in their own words -- otherwise this history will remain undocumented and lost. You can contact me with any questions or comments at the email address listed at the main page. Check back frequently as I'm doing many more interviews soon.

2/29/2004 Melvin Mason (Mighty Marvelows) 60 min
8/15/2004 Richard Pegue (Norvells, Nickel and Penny Labels) 90 min
10/24/2004 James Westbrook, Jr. (5 Wagers) 90 min
1/16/2005 The Steelers 60 min

Berl Bynum, Lawrence Bibbs, Kirk Davis (Vows, Major IV)

120 min
4/2/2005 Clifford Curry, Bobby Thomas, Marcus Gentry (The Notations) 90 min
5/15/2005 Bobby Thomas, Jerrone Johnson (Channel 3) 30 min
6/12/2005 Gerald Dickerson (Creations, Contributors of Soul) 90 min
9/18/2005 Jerrone Johnson, Emmet Garner Jr. (Trends) 90 min
10/16/2005 Chris James (Natural 4) 90 min
11/13/2005 Kenny Rightout, Kirk Davis, Ronald Christian (Traits, Center Stage) 90 min
11/27/2005 Ron Renfro (Deltas) 20 min
12/11/2005 Frank Clark (New Concepts) 28 min
1/8/2006 Wayne Readus (Original Breed, People's Choice) 30 min
1/22/2006 Marcus Alexander, Marzette Griffith, Fred Smith (Turbulations, Age of Bronze, Essence) 50 min
1/29/2006 James Rushing (Devotions) 40 min
2/19/2006 Rosie Addison, Rose E. Kelly (Opals) 60 min
2/26/2006 Eugene Phillips (Moments of Truth, Wind, wrote and produced the Answers and Newsound) 70 min
3/5/2006 Irving Coleman, John Wynn, Roger Phillips, Ronald McLaughlin, Tyrone McCullough (Conquistadors) 60 min
3/26/2006 John Coleman, Kandice Patterson (Soul Majestics) 30 min
4/2/2006 Keith Steward (Heaven and Earth) 80 min
4/30/2006 Charles Perry (Naturals) 47 min
6/4/2006 Nathan Carter, James Noah Jordan, Ralph Peterman (Dynamic Heartbeats, Wasters) 27 min
7/9/2006 Bernice Willis, Tracy Williams, Laurel Ross (Muhammad) (Kittens) 67 min
8/13/2006 Omar Arnold, Albert Hunter (Sounds of Black, Sounds of Blackness) 36 min
8/20/2006 Marvin Glasper (Soul Suspects, Suspects) 37 min
8/27/2006 Fred Escobar, Walter Jones, Billy Sims, Robert Smith (Soul Procedures, Procedures) 40 min
9/17/2006 Mike Avery (New Image, Wreckin Crew) 32 min
10/8/2006 James Brown (Calvaes, Blenders on Aladdin, Accents) 36 min
11/5/2006 Lorenzo Clemons, Vernon Hammons (Mandells) 77 min
11/19/2006 Carol Sanford (formerly Carol Samuel), Linda Smith (formerly Linda Harris), Nepata Mero (formerly Marilyn McThune) (Ivorys) 37 min
12/3/2006 Walter Jones (Five Crowns) 29 min
1/28/2007 Ray Foreman (Visitors, Mist) 64 min
3/18/2007 John "Stormy" Colley (Lost Family, Saborian and the Los) 64 min
5/20/2007 Jimmi Mayes (Mill Street Depot) 74 min
6/3/2007 David Gogins, Ricky Gogins (Soul Impacts, Eight Minutes) 55 min
6/10/2007 Roosevelt Christmas, Doyle Cole, John Coleman (Passions, Newday) 65 min
6/17/2007 Elvin Spencer 24 min
7/8/2007 Leon Triplett, Levi Triplett (Triplett Twins) 73 min
7/22/2007 Robert Brown, Lamont Sanders (Dynamic Tints, Village) 37 min
8/19/2007 Lee Holloway (Krash Band, I.N.D.) 40 min
9/16/2007 Carl Boyd, John Jones, Farnell Jenkins, Paul Kelly (Conservatives, Teacher's Edition) 75 min
9/23/2007 Alex Alvarez, Robert Celestin, Dennis Harvey, Arlis Johnson, Art Lopez, Wareagle (Enchanting Enchanters, Enchanters on Atco) 56 min
9/30/2007 Henry Ford Yarbrough (Henry Ford and the Gifts) 61 min
10/21/2007 James "JJ" Janigan, Larry Ross (Puzzle People) 27 min
11/11/2007 Rudy Negron, Ted Thomas (Mystics) 54 min
12/9/2007 Jimmy Jordan, Sam Tate (Intensions, Measures, Jimmie and Eddie) 46 min
12/30/2007 Darrow Kennedy, Ron Kennedy, Bruce Rogers (Kaldirons, Marathon Band) 53 min
1/13/2008 Harold "Skipp" Lee, Bernard Reed (Constellations, Jalynne Sound, Pieces of Peace) 82 min
1/27/2008 Viola Floyd, Theresa (Legg) Franks, Kathy (Spates) Robinson, Vera (Regulus) Wallace (Versalettes, Trinkets, Little Foxes) 58 min
3/2/2008 Holly Maxwell 60 min
3/16/2008 Gus Redmond, Diana Simon, Fred Simon (Lost Generation, Mystique, New Lost Generation) 79 min
3/30/2008 Art Mitcham, Nate Pendleton (Dontells) 62 min
4/27/2008 Reginald Torian (Enchanters on Golden Ear, Impressions) 86 min
5/4/2008 Mose Freeman, Brema Lawhon, Richard McClendon, Frederick Robertson (Roe-o-tation) 59 min
5/25/2008 Randolph Murph (Brighter Side of Darkness) 40 min
6/8/2008 Kevin Rowan (Mystiques on Twinight, Raw Umber, Sons of Slum) 64 min
6/22/2008 Andrew Griffin, Johnny McKinney (Magnetics) 58 min
6/29/2008 Mark Greene (Moments, Leaders) 72 min
7/20/2008 Eddie Sullivan (Four Gents, Desideros, Classic Sullivans) 67 min
7/27/2008 Harvey Scales (Seven Sounds) 78 min
8/10/2008 Ray Buckner (Buckner Brothers, Buck) 49 min
8/17/2008 Patti Drew (Drewvels) 45 min
8/24/2008 Sam Pace (Esquires) 90 min
8/31/2008 Bill Brown (Shades of Brown) 53 min
9/14/2008 Vandy Lane (Ringleaders) 15 min
9/21/2008 Renaldo Domino 41 min
10/12/2008 Cecil Lyde aka Cecil Holden (Experience II; Lyde, Fisher, Giles) 70 min
10/19/2008 Carnell Haywood, Samuel Thomas Jr. (Magical Connection, Next Movement) 60 min
11/9/2008 Jerome Gilbert, Ron Martinez, Bobby Wilson (Realistics) 52 min
11/16/2008 Sheryl Swope (Vashonettes, Oncoming Times) 63 min
11/23/2008 Barbara Green 37 min
11/30/2008 Kennis Jones (Flairs, Velvet) part 2 (from 12/14/2008) 88 min
12/7/2008 Bruce Thompson (Raw Umber, 24 Karat Black, Chocolate Sunday) 62 min
12/14/2008 Dee Dee Bryant, Gwen Hester, Elaine Sims (Coffee) 60 min
12/21/2008 Tom Williams (Fascinators, Turks, Four Shades) 56 min
12/28/2008 Jan Bradley 69 min
1/4/2009 Eddie Cherry (Fabulous Crystals, Fads, TC Lee and the Bricklayers) 36 min
1/25/2009 Denton Adams (Spirits Touch) 27 min
2/8/2009 Andre Cunningham, Wilson Drummer, Anthony Thomas, Kenneth Williams (Intentions, Si-berians, New Testament Band, Faces) 79 min
2/22/2009 William Barnes, Michael Moore (North, South, East, and West) 37 min
3/1/2009 Walter Coleman (Paramonts) 50 min
3/15/2009 James Conley (Compliments) 32 min
3/22/2009 John Davis Jr., Addis McCarroll, Terry Thompson (Marlynns) 47 min
3/29/2009 Frank Donaldson (Fantastic Epics, Rasputin's Stash, r-Stash, Crystal Winds) 87 min
4/5/2009 Marvin Smith (Four Eldorados, Tempos, Artistics) 68 min
4/19/2009 James Phelps 36 min
5/3/2009 Mae Koen, Reginah Walton, Byron Woods (Sweet Music, Reality, Onstage) 88 min
5/31/2009 Rex Alexander (Auditions) 40 min
6/7/2009 Brad Donaldson, Keith Donaldson, Cliff Frazier, Walter Smith (Walter and the Admerations, Green Berets, High Society, Velvet Hammer) 83 min
6/14/2009 Keni Burke (Five Stairsteps) 81 min
6/21/2009 Robert Bailey, Billy McGregor, Shirley Wright (Shelton) (Antennas, Squires) 87 min
7/5/2009 Larry Blasingaine (Larry and the Hippies, Channel 3) 87 min
7/26/2009 Delroy Bridgeman (Senators, Valiants, Kenneth and Delroy, World Column, New World) 81 min
8/9/2009 Maurice McAlister, Wallace Sampson (Radiants) 86 min
8/16/2009 Maurice Jackson (Independents, Silk) 88 min
8/30/2009 Donnie Bruce (Windjammers, Masterplan) 30 min
9/6/2009 Carl Jones, Art Williams (Stimulators) 48 min
10/4/2009 Benjio Caffee (Satagans, Solid Gold) 84 min
10/25/2009 Margaret (Norfleet) Bond, Dale Myrick, Cynthia Redd (Voices, Brothers and Sisters, Extentions, Cindy and the Playmates) 84 min
11/15/2009 Edith Andrews (Lovemasters) 57 min
12/13/2009 Matthew Perkins (Twilites, Calvin and the Twilites, Shadows) 84 min
12/20/2009 Charles Russell (Three Dudes, Four Dudes, Image, New Image) 88 min
1/24/2010 Ray Caldwell (Ray and Dave) 50 min
2/7/2010 Betty Berry / Caldwell / Cee / Sea (Softiques, Coffee) 61 min
2/21/2010 Bert Bowen (Chanteurs, Presidents) 48 min
3/7/2010 Doug Jones (Divines) 89 min
4/18/2010 Rufus Wonder 68 min
5/30/2010 Syl Johnson 87 min
6/13/2010 Flint Lloyd (Salvadors) 35 min
10/3/2010 Vernon Lindsey (Split Evolution, Three Phases of Evolution) 37 min
5/1/2011 Doug Shorts (Masterplan Inc) 65 min
6/5/2011 Bobby Buchanan (Earles Inc, B.J.B.) 67 min
7/31/2011 Tim Burton (Tomorrow's People) 63 min
8/14/2011 Bernice Watkins (Living Color) 50 min
10/30/2011 Lee Dees, Curtis McCormick, Byron Taylor (Ledgends) 74 min
11/28/2011 Michael Sharkey (Fugitives, Fabulous Fugitives) 66 min
4/1/2012 Archie Brooks, Sharona Brooks (Fugitives, Master Plan Inc., Bettye Scott and the Del-Vettes) 64 min
2/3/2013 Billy Miller (Inspirations, Billy and the Hi-liners, Soulful Twins, Billy and Betty, Brethren, Truth and Devotion) 70 min (part 1 of 2)
2/10/2013 Billy Miller (Inspirations, Billy and the Hi-liners, Soulful Twins, Billy and Betty, Brethren, Truth and Devotion) 74 min (part 2 of 2)
2/24/2013 Joseph "Smokey" Holman, Glen Ross (Love's Children) 84 min